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Introducing Team Formation AI: Find the Talent You’ve Been Missing in Minutes

We’re taking a big leap forward with the launch of Team Formation AI — a generative AI platform that allows tech leaders to instantly assemble curated teams of top-tier talent from the 11,000+ vetted Silicon Valley product builders in the A.Team network. 

Hiring is broken. 

That’s not our opinion; it’s the view of tech leaders. Over two-thirds say that the traditional hiring model is broken and needs an overhaul, and it’s not hard to see why: on average, it takes 4+ months to hire top product and engineering talent.

We built A.Team to solve this problem, and today, we’re taking a big leap forward with the launch of Team Formation AI — a generative AI platform that allows tech leaders to instantly assemble curated teams of top-tier talent from the 11,000+ vetted Silicon Valley product builders in the A.Team network. 

Team Formation AI is designed to solve two crucial problems for industry leaders: supercharging their teams with vetted, specialized talent to advance their most urgent innovation initiatives, and accelerating a hiring process that typically takes months and is burning out hiring managers. With Team Formation AI, you can source top talent in minutes and hire and onboard entire teams within days. 

How Team Formation AI works

Tell Team Formation AI what you're looking to build — like a B2C mobile banking app —and it will immediately define the roles you need and suggest engineers, PMs, data scientists, and designers from the A.Team network who have the optimal skills, experience, and ability to work well with your team.

Team Formation AI Demo

You can chat with an AI digital assistant to learn more about each candidate. It can answer detailed questions about their abilities, background, and work preferences, allowing you to complete the equivalent of a first-round screening interview in minutes. And once you’ve short-listed the candidates you like best, we’ll set up real-life interviews for you to meet your team.

Team Formation AI Demo 2

Team Formation AI creates a much better hiring experience for both sides. Hiring managers get access to best-in-class talent they can onboard in days — not months. And A.Teamers get an AI that won’t take their jobs; instead, it’ll get work for them. Once you onboard your A.Team, you can flexibly scale up and down based on your roadmap, with 1:1 support from a dedicated Team Advisor.

Under the hood, Team Formation AI's recommendations are powered by our proprietary TeamGraph algorithm. It uses behavioral science and machine learning to assemble teams that hit the ground running and ship products fast. Team Formation AI goes beyond the basic resume-matching approach of many HR tech platforms. Our AI draws from deep insights gathered from technical and interpersonal interviews, 10,000+ completed projects, and proprietary data on the skills, experience, and working relationships of the talent in our network.

Why we believe Team Formation AI will be a game-changer for tech leaders

We're launching Team Formation AI at a pivotal moment. Generative AI has ignited a digital transformation arms race, and leaders across industries are scrambling to attract specialized product and engineering talent. Simultaneously, generative AI is pushing a broken hiring system to the brink of collapse, with a deluge of generative AI applications grinding the gears of traditional hiring to a halt.

Team Formation AI accelerates that process from months to minutes, assembling a dream team of tech talent that you can scale up and down based on their roadmap. And unlike open hiring platforms, where you have no idea if the candidates you’re meeting are legitimate or if they faked their application with generative AI, every member of the A.Team network has undergone rigorous vetting before being surfaced to you.

Darren Murph, named the “Oracle of Remote Work” by CNBC and to Forbes Future of Work 50, leads Technology Strategy at Ford Motors and has been an early user of Team Formation AI and believes it will transform hiring and the future of work for the better.

“Team Formation AI liberates leaders to focus their energy on articulating the scope of a business challenge rather than guessing at how to solve it — and it instantly gives you the best talent to tackle it,” said Murph.

Starting today, we're launching Team Formation AI as an experimental feature. If you're a tech leader, we'd love for you to try it for free here—no sign-up, no form—just click here to get started. You can send feedback—or request a meeting to learn more—by contacting us at

The future of building world-class tech teams is here, and we couldn't be more excited for you to try it out. As always, thank you for being part of the A.Team community. We can't wait to see the incredible things you'll build!

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