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A.Team is where the world's most accomplished product builders team up to build tech for ambitious companies challenging the status quo.
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A digital guild of world-class product builders. Build products with a team-driven network of accomplished developers, product managers, designers, marketers, data scientists, and operators − pursuing their craft with autonomy.

Tony M.
AR Developer
Rashad R.
Full-Stack Developer
Suraj K.
Product Manager
Morgan L.
Product Designer
Didi M.
Product Designer


The world’s first team-formation platform. A.Teamers assemble into high-performing teams to solve hard enterprise challenges, build next generation consumer apps — and even fight COVID-19 with better tech. From apps to web, to the cloud and beyond.

Enterprise Challenges

Teams that build solutions like:

Web and Mobile Apps

Teams that build consumer apps like:

Social Impact Tech

Teams that build tech for NGOs like:
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Private beta

A.Team is invite-only, but growing at a staggering rate as companies cope with the need for unplanned innovation.

While we're remaining highly selective until our public launch, we are committed to working with companies referred by our investors, customers, and A.Teamers.

About A.Team

Unleashing super-powers through the formation of teams. A.Team was born from the desire to light up the path less taken, recognizing a vast amount of untapped talent among tech’s unsung heroes, the modern independents. So, we set out to give them a home to team up, gain trust from world-leading companies, and build tech that matters.

Shai Wininger
Founder of Lemonade and Fiverr
Sjoerd Gehring
Global Head of Corporate Recruiting at Apple
Dan Ariely
Professor at Duke University
Adam Grant
Professor at Wharton School
Athena Karp
CEO & Founder at HiredScore
Aaron Harris
Partner at Y Combinator
Stephane Kasriel
CEO at Upwork, Board director at A.Team
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