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What are you building? We’ll show you A.Teams who’ve built it before — and start you on your way to building your own.

Targeted Ad Tech to Get Out the Vote, an AdTech company, hired an A.Team to develop the tech needed to generate 5,000 targeted ads all over the country, in order to get out the vote for the 2020 Presidential election.
Video Platform for 1-1 Breakout Sessions
A large enterprise hired an A.Team to build their own custom tool called. Built on top of Zoom, the platform helps facilitate seamless 1-1 breakouts sessions on web and mobile.
Consumer Cyber Security App
A cyber security company that’s provided cyber security software for businesses, built an A.Team to build their first consumer app (in response to the growing threats during COVID-19) , to protect individuals from identity theft, account take over, and cyber fraud.
Global Payouts Platform
A FinTech company built an A.Team to make "the Stripe for payouts", a platform to streamline international payments.
Employee Engagement Platform
A tech startup founded by Future of Work pioneers, hired an A.Team to build an employee engagement platform to offer career path guidance, training, and coaching in a delightful user experience with a data driven web app.
Medicare Enrollment Platform
An insurance tech platform built an A.Team to create their digital platform that enables independent agents to advise seniors with their Medicare enrollment — at scale. The platform has task management, embedded tools, and dashboards to track processes.
Portal to Manage Legal Claims
The #1 law firm in the US for personal injuries hired an A.Team to build power class action lawsuits at scale, creating a consumer portal with an admin site to monitor and manage activity.
Coffee Mobile Delivery App
Blank St., a new coffee shop with local, zero-emissions coffee carts hired an A.Team to build their mobile delivery app to hand-deliver their meticulously crafted coffee.
Autonomous Check-Out Technology
A retail tech company hired an A.Team to build out new tech to completely transform the in-store experience, enabling retailers to automate in-store inventory management, analytics, and checkout — leveraging proprietary sensor hardware, software, and machine learning.
Rapid Prototyping for Sport Experiences
A SportTech company who leverages AI, machine learning, data science and unparalleled access to sports, entertainment, and technology leaders built an A.Team to help come up with ideas for how to use their API's and design & build a light-weight web app prototype.
Breath Pacer App To Train Your Heartbeat
One Breath, a BioTech startup founded by Josh Waitzkin (Champion MMA fighter) and Dr. Leah Galos (author of “Heart Breath Mind”) hired an A.Team to build a new kind of health tracker — an app that visualizes and improves your heart’s health using biohacking technology & expert coaching.
Telemedicine feature for Sex Health App
A startup that helps couples improve their sex lives through expert treatment and science-based exercises, hired an A.Team to build a telemedicine feature that will enable clients to speak privately with a sex therapist to receive more detailed and guided advice for on their sexual health through video chats messaging and custom programs.
Virtual Learning Platform
An experiential learning startup, hired an A.Team to build a "Zoom-like" branded tool for the future of virtual learning, leveraging gaming models and video calling.
Personalized Video Experience Platform
A company that creates personalized video experiences, built an A.Team to create the back end for a video streaming platform with features such as synchronized co-viewing of live content, personalized view, video conferencing — powering Rakuten and many other broadcast/media companies.
Website for FinTech Company
A female founded FinTech startup who’s raised close to $100M to change the way bills are paid, hired an A.Team to work alongside their marketing team to rebuild their website from scratch.


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