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Infographic: 10 Key Stats About the Future of Work in Tech

Dig into the biggest findings from our survey of nearly 600 tech leaders. 

Top talent has exited traditional workforce as a result of the Great Resignation, and the traditional recruitment process needs an overhaul.

Blended teams are becoming the new norm as flexible work models are increasing employee productivity.

Tech employers are concerned about employee mental health, as well as their own.

If you could gather 600 leading tech founders and executives in a room, what would you ask them?

Recently, we got this opportunity as we partnered with MassChallenge to survey 581 tech founders and execs from the MassChallenge network. We wanted to dive into some of the biggest unanswered questions around the future of work and the state of tech today:

Were they feeling the pain of The Great Resignation?

How did they find top talent and build their teams in a new remote world?

Did the tech downturn reshape their fundraising strategies and top priorities?

And after two and a half years of upheaval, how concerned were they about the mental health of their employees—and themselves?

In the infographic below, you’ll discover the key stats our research uncovered. And if you want to go deeper, check out our full 2022 Tech Work Report for all the data and insights.

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