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How Apprentice's Rebuild Saved the COVID-19 Vaccine—And Countless Lives

As the global effort to distribute COVID vaccines ramped up in early 2021, Apprentice realized it'd need to build an entirely new version of its product to meet the needs of the world—in just 45 days.

What would you do if you needed to build an entirely new version of your product in 45 days?

And what would you do if the stakes weren’t just the success of your company—but the distribution of a life-saving vaccine across the world?

If you’re like Angelo Stracquatanio—co-founder and CEO of Apprentice—you wouldn’t flinch. You’d be willing to rethink everything about how you find top talent and build your product.

You’d find a way.

In our first episode of Build DifferentA.Team's new series about forward-thinking companies finding new and better ways to buildwe explore the story of Angelo and Apprentice, a new software company that merged in 2020 to help companies produce critical drugs much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

As the push to distribute COVID-19 vaccines ramped up in early 2021, Apprentice discovered it’d need to launch an entirely new version of its product—which spans many different stacks as well as augmented reality headsets—in just 45 days. It seemed like an impossible task. But when Angelo got introduced to a fellow CEO named Raphael Ouzan, “the whole world opened up in terms of talent.”

This is the inspiring story of how Angelo and the Apprentice team did the impossible, and in the process, reimagined how they build their company and products. Watch it now:

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