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10 Spicy Generative AI Predictions for 2024 🌶️

The magic of generative AI doesn't just lie in the algorithms or the data, but the powerful synergy of agile teams empowered by AI.

The Big Idea: The three forces that changed the tech landscape in 2023

Just one week into 2024 and our sights are already set on 2025. Why? Because by this time next year 77% of entry-level roles and a quarter of senior executive positions are expected to be reshaped by AI—signaling a fundamental transformation in how businesses operate.

2023 was a year marked by significant shifts in the tech landscape, influenced by three critical forces—let’s recap:

  1. Market Pressures and Uncertainty: From the SVB bank crisis jolting the tech industry to global conflicts, last year's challenges were manifold. Yet, they also catalyzed rapid AI adoption and innovation, driving a major shift in client preferences and strategies. The market's uncertainty pushed companies to adopt AI at an unprecedented pace.
  2. Shifting Workforce Expectations: The changing expectations of the workforce reflect a growing demand for AI-driven efficiency and flexibility. This shift has reshaped how work is done, making AI not just a tool, but a partner in the modern workplace.
  3. Generative AI's Disruption: Generative AI leveled the playing field, altering the speed and nature of business and innovation. It's not just about building faster; it's about building smarter.

Traditional business models are being reimagined as generative AI becomes the new pulse of strategic planning. The challenge for companies now? Ensuring every move is aligned with a clear and tangible ROI, especially in an inflationary environment where efficiency is king.

For CFOs, this means a new playbook: framing investments based on expected outcomes, fostering a culture of agile iteration, and balancing risk management with budget optimization.

But the magic doesn't just lie in the algorithms or the data, but the powerful synergy of agile teams empowered by AI.

How are we so sure? Over the past year, A.Team's network has united over 250 of the world's top AI experts and execs to help businesses not just chase, but lead. the market by building impactful AI solutions.

In celebration of this groundbreaking work, we proudly present the 2023 Buildi Award Winners. From Inflection AI's industry-shaking Pi project to D-ID's life-like AI video app, these pioneers exemplify the spirit of innovation (see the full list here). Here's to another year of building the future of AI! Happy New Year!

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10 Spicy Generative AI Predictions for 2024

10 Spicy Generative AI Predictions for 2024

This is a precarious moment. We just unboxed a powerful new tool, and everyone is trying to figure out how to use it. The premise of Build Mode is that if we gather the collective wisdom of the people building with AI, designing the future of work, and leading the most important companies of the next decade, we’ll have a better shot at ending up where we want to be.

The Build Mode Editorial Board features senior tech leaders, AI mad scientists, game-changing entrepreneurs, and visionary investors. Every week, we tap their insights and reactions to the evolution of work culture and the latest developments in the race for AI adoption.

This time, we asked them for their most controversial prediction for generative AI in 2024:

Mida Pezeshkian - Founder, STEMA_cg

“AI is gaining mainstream adoption, but many organizations lack the expertise to implement it effectively. As a result, many AI projects will fail to deliver the expected ROI. This means that many executives will need to rethink their AI strategy and implementation. Hopefully, they will learn from their mistakes and build better second-generation solutions.”

Vivan Amin - Emerging Technologies Leader, L3Harris

“In 2024, the generative AI sector will encounter a reality check. Organizations will critically assess the sustainability of their AI operations considering the significant running costs and the imperative to mitigate rising risks. Meanwhile, AI agents will progress from simple task execution to complex decision-making roles, spurring a robotics revolution across various consumer and manufacturing sectors. This shift will challenge our fundamental beliefs about the nature of work, safety, and augmenting human workloads, as robots in the form of humanoids or software agents assume responsibilities once thought to be exclusively human.”

Angelique Bellmer Krembs - Former Global Head of Brand, BlackRock

“As AI algorithms inherit historical data, existing biases (gender, race, other stereotypes) will become amplified if the humans designing them are not careful. I'm most concerned about hiring and promotions algorithms becoming an obstacle to advancing diversity in workplaces.”

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Mastering the Art of Software Consulting with Eyal Cohen

Over the past few years the tech landscape has changed drastically—so what differentiates a thriving software consultant from the rest?

Eyal Cohen, an expert Builder in the A.Team network, has been freelancing as a software consultant for several years now, and he compiled 5 key insights that have turned the challenges of software consulting into a blueprint for success.

In a candid reflection on his three-year journey as a software consultant, Eyal outlines the importance of strategic choices in client communication, technology selection, and business management, which are each essential for navigating the complexities of software consulting.

Here are five pivotal lessons that have shaped his career:

  1. With a reliable network, client acquisition doesn’t have to be hard — platforms like A.Team provide access to high-quality projects and foster a supportive environment.
  2. Effective communication is crucial to build trust and manage expectations.
  3. Balancing the business side and the work itself is an art. Each requires attention in order not to miss opportunities.
  4. Remember your main focus is on delivering tangible results — this is easier to do when using reliable and proven technologies, and steering clear of untested tools.
  5. There will be a learning curve to finding a balance between work and personal life.

Overall, the aspect of having a dependable network like A.Team not only offers stability but also opens doors to diverse opportunities, enabling expert software consultants, like Eyal, to focus on what they do best: solving problems and delivering results — while leaving client acquisition and logistical concerns to the platform.

Dive into Eyal Cohen's experiences for a practical guide on thriving in the ever-evolving world of software consulting.

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Generative AI Salon: The ROI of AI

Generative AI Salon: The ROI of AI

If you’re in NYC on January 31st at 5pm, join us at the forefront of AI transformation as we uncover the secrets to redefining productivity and business models with generative AI. We'll crack the code together as we assemble 100+ top tech leaders for our invite-only Gen AI Salon: The ROI of AI. (If you're not in New York, you can join virtually via livestream!)

Register Here


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