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Optimize your rate on A.Team missions with rate guidance

Rate ambiguity is real. Enter rate guidance — a new way for builders to determine an ideal rate for each mission by providing our customers’ preferred rate ranges on open roles.

After deploying hundreds of teams we’ve heard a common question: "How do I determine the ideal rate to apply to a mission with?”

As an independent builder, we know that setting your rate can be tricky. We understand the importance of finding the right rate — too low and you miss out on extra earnings, too high and you could be out of the company's budget range.

“Sometimes I’m just looking for validation. Is my work worth my rate? Rate guidance will help me have a sense of my work’s value.” — A.Team Builder

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new rate guidance feature. In an effort to help you determine your ideal rate — and as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and pay equity — you will now be able to see a company’s preferred rate for each role.

Preferred rates: what they are & how they’re determined

When companies request a team for a new mission, they now have the opportunity to enter their rate range based on their budget and guidance our platform gives them based on similar roles from past missions. This guidance helps companies asses whether their budget is competitive or not.

Right now, we give companies guidance based on internal data — from thousands of missions and roles to identify real-time competitive rates. In the coming months, we plan to incorporate market data to make our recommendations as accurate as possible.

As a builder-first network, our first priority is that our builders get meaningful, high-paying work. If a company sets its budget range below the A.Team average for a particular role, they’ll be informed that their request will likely receive lower interest from the network. If the rate is within A.Team's market rates, we’ll let them know it’s competitive and will likely attract interest from builders.

How to use preferred rates

To try out the new rate guidance feature, simply login to your A.Team account and navigate to the mission details page.

Step 1: Open a mission you’re interested in

In the Teams tab, choose a mission that’s exciting for you.

Step 2: Locate the role card for the mission

On the mission page, find the open role that you’re interested in.

Step 3: Reference the company’s preferred rate

Toward the top of the role card, locate the rate range the company has set as their preferred range.

Step 4: Choose your rate for the mission

Consider the preferred rate range when deciding if this mission is a good fit for you. If you decide to apply, you can use this preferred rate to optimize your chances (more on this below).

What happens if my rate higher than the preferred range?

As the highest-paying platform for product builders, it’s our mission to not only give builders the most exciting work of their careers — but to also make sure builders are paid well. Here are a few things you can consider if a preferred range is below your rate:

  • Apply to the mission with your current rate: If you’re strongly aligned in other areas like skills, experience, and availability, you can apply with your current rate. Just keep in mind that applying outside the company’s preferred range may lower your chances of being selected for the mission.
  • Don’t apply — and try a mission more aligned with your rate: If the rate range is far outside your normal rate, you may want to consider skipping this mission and requesting to join a mission that’s closer to your hourly rate. We always recommend exploring multiple roles that are close to your desired range.
  • Adjust your rate to be more competitive for the mission: If this is a mission that’s really meaningful to you, you can consider adjusting your rate for this mission.

Building a foundation for pay equity

Rate guidance by A.Team promotes transparency by providing data-driven guidance on rates, boosting builders' confidence in charging a fair rate.

After talking to several A.Team builders about rate setting, we uncovered an all-too-common thread: independent workers are hesitant to bill clients what they believe their time is worth.

One builder we interviewed told us: “Sometimes I’m just looking for validation. Is my work worth my rate? Rate guidance will help me have a sense of my work’s value. If you're comfortable with the rate, you're more likely to be comfortable with the client. It gives you an idea of the value they place on your services.”

Numerous studies have demonstrated a clear link between transparency and pay equity. By offering data-driven guidance on rates, we hope to reduce imposter syndrome and boost builders' confidence in charging a rate that reflects the worth of their time. With the introduction of rate guidance, A.Team is looking to create a more transparent environment in which builders have a better understanding of the market and everyone is compensated fairly for the value of their work.

Preferred rates are just the beginning of what we're building to demystify rate ambiguity — empowering builders like you to take control of your career and ensure that you're fairly compensated for your time, effort, skills, and expertise.

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