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Hire and manage high-impact teams collaboratively with workspaces

Workspaces is a new way to hire, organize, and manage your teams. Learn how companies like Wolt and Lyft are using workspaces to hire collaboratively across product, engineering, and marketing — to build high-impact teams, faster.

Workspaces is a new way to organize your company’s teams — empowering you build and manage your teams in collaboration with other internal stakeholders.

Meet workspaces — a new hub to collaboratively hire, organize and manage your teams. Organize your workspaces by budget, functional team, department, location, or company initiative.

How companies like Wolt and Lyft are using A.Team workspaces to hire high-performing teams collaboratively — and how you can too.

Up next: We’re expanding our platform to help you assemble and manage blended  teams for maximum impact — supporting hiring managers and cross-functional counterparts to build teams that map against company initiatives.

Team building has always been a complex process. Over the past three years, it’s only gotten more complicated, with the rise of remote work and a blended workforce that mixes full-time employees with freelancers.

Not only is the hiring process full of friction; it’s also expensive and time-intensive. We know from the 400+ companies building with A.Team that team building involves many different decision makers. Stakeholders need to work together to build agile, high-impact teams — efficiently.

Proactive hiring. Having the collaborative infrastructure to build a team efficiently when there is an opportunity is key.

Workspaces is a new way to hire, organize, and manage your teams collaboratively. Now you can organize your missions by department, budget, or team by building a new workspace, and nestling the relevant teams within. You can also invite other hiring managers to build their own workspace.

With this launch, A.Team is expanding its product offering to support companies with more complex organizational needs. Workspaces give companies the space and tools they need to empower hiring managers to map team building against company initiatives  — collaboratively and efficiently.

Meet workspaces — here's what's launching

When we built workspaces, we knew that no two companies would use them the same. And that’s the beauty — you can tailor them to what works for your company’s workflows.

To help you get started, we created a Workspaces Handbook where you can learn how to create new workspaces, switch between them, manage your settings, invite internal collaborators, set up billing, and more.

Hire and manage teams collaboratively

With workspaces, you can bring in the people you need to build your team. You can also view and manage your workspace’s missions, team members, and billing from a single place. Organize your company's workspaces by:

  • Budget, team, or department
  • Company initiatives (with cross-functional stakeholders)
  • Geographic region
  • Access for third parties (separate access from the rest of the organization)

Invite cross-functional stakeholders

Invite entire hiring teams across product, engineering, marketing — enlisting legal and finance stakeholders to sign off on high-impact teams, faster.

Customize your brand

Tailor how your organization’s brand looks to the A.Team builder network. Once you update your company details to your workspace, any mission you build in that workspace will inherit your company logo, website, industry, and description. So, you won't have to input this information again.

How companies like Wolt and Lyft use their workspaces

Before releasing workspaces to the general audience, we launched a beta featuring five enterprise companies — among them Lyft and Wolt.

Operating across 23 countries, the European unicorn food delivery app needed a way to quickly and efficiently hire and manage their A.Team’s collaboratively on a global scale. By organizing their workspaces by geographic location and departments, they maximized their teams performance.

Upper management builds workspaces preemptively for their hiring teams before there is a need. That means when they are ready to hire, they’re already onboarded and ready to spec and request their team.

Already having several active missions on the A.Team platform, meant Lyft needed to work across many different internal stakeholders. They chose to organize their workspaces by functional teams (design, mobile, data, etc). After trying out their workspace, one of Lyft's users invited another hiring manager to create a new workspace for another functional team at Lyft.

Building the "OS for Teams"

As A.Team expands its product offering to support companies with more complex organizational needs, we’re building the foundation of what we’re calling “OS for Teams" — building A.Team’s team formation technology into an operating system for building and managing teams.

This evolution will go from supporting hiring managers at the mission level — to supporting entire hiring teams mapping against the company initiative level of product planning.

What’s up next

As we continue to support larger companies with more complex organizational needs, we will begin to roll out new features like roles and permissions and other capabilities that enable more internal team controls and visibility into hybrid team hiring and management

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