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Meet the new A.Guide — your builder playbook

Master missions and discover new ways to succeed on your A.Team journey.

After three years of forming teams and building transformative products, we realized it was time to build the builder playbook — for all things A.Team.

Meet the new A.Guide — browse by Getting Started, Account, Missions, and Community. For particular questions, view our FAQ or reach out to our Support Team.

This is just the beginning of A.Team's knowledge base. In the future, we will work to serving builders the right information at the right time based on where you are in your A.Team journey.

Three years ago, we began building a home for the world’s top builders to do the best work of their careers — builders like you. And 400+ missions later, we’ve learned a lot together. To turn those learnings into empowerment for new and veteran builders alike, we realized it was time to build a central knowledge hub.

Think of the A.Guide as a builder playbook — a place to learn how to:

  • Build a head-turning profile. No more guessing. We’ve created a detailed section on what we’re looking for in a builder profile when we’re building teams.
  • Succeed on missions. Discover our best practices for onboarding, interviewing, time tracking, payments, and how to fast-track yourself onto your next mission.
  • Understand how we form teams. Learn how we choose builders for missions and form the best teams on purpose.
  • Connect with builders in the community. Learn about our community programming where you can meet other builders

How to navigate the A.Guide

The Main Menu

When you open the A.Guide, you’ll notice that it is divided into five categories: getting started, account, missions, community, and support. You can click into any one of those categories to open up their category pages.

Homepage Browse

Instead of clicking into a category right way, you can also browse the A.Guide articles high-level by scrolling down the page, where. you’ll see a sample of content by topic.

Category Pages

Upon clicking on a given category on the main menu, you’ll enter a category page — where you’ll find subtopics in the form of articles. For example, here’s a category page for Getting Started:

FAQs & Search

Have a particular question? We’ve built an FAQ page organized by: Getting Started, Missions, Account, and Community. At the bottom of each A.Guide article, you can also find relevant FAQs.

If you’re curious about a particular topic, click the search icon in the top right corner, and type your prompt. For example, if you search “getting on a mission,” you’ll find a variety of A.Guide articles and FAQs.

Contacting Support

If you're still unable to find what you're looking for, sometimes it's best to talk to a human. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Just click on "Support" and find the right email address to connect with someone on our support team — we’ll be in touch within 48 hours, but often much quicker.

The future of the A.Guide

A.Team is constantly evolving and improving, as is the A.Guide. We’ll continue to expand our knowledge base to provide you with as much help and transparency as we can. Our goal is to give builders like you everything they need to thrive and achieve the greatest work. Today, A.Guide is one step closer to that goal, empowering you with the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Ready to become a master of all things A.Team?

Check out the new A.Guide today:

Get faster, more detailed feedback on every mission you apply to
With our new mission statuses update, you will get feedback on every mission you apply to, a quicker response time, and the opportunity to increase your chances of being selected by updating your application.
Optimize your rate on A.Team missions with rate guidance
Rate ambiguity is real. Enter rate guidance — a new way for builders to determine an ideal rate for each mission by providing our customers’ preferred rate ranges on open roles.
Hire and manage high-impact teams collaboratively with workspaces
Workspaces is a new way to organize your company’s teams — empowering you build and manage your teams in collaboration with other internal stakeholders.