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Team Proposals 2.0 — It just got easier to review, interview, and deploy teams

Amidst a downturn, we’re hearing now more than ever, that companies need to build high-growth, high-revenue products. Product and engineering leaders are thinking strategically about talent — and the need to deploy and adapt their product teams quickly.

We’re on a mission to make high-performing teams truly on-demand”

At A.Team, we know this is vital to a company’s success, and our goal is to make it so that any company in the world can bring on the perfect team for any initiative, instantly.

Teeing up instant, on-demand teams

The future we’re driving toward? One where you can bring on high-powered product teams truly on-demand. 

Later this year, our goal is to integrate proposals into the team request flow. So, immediately after creating a spec of the team you need, the platform will propose the best-possible team for your mission. A month ago, we made a significant stride toward this on-demand vision with Team Extensions.

And today’s launch gets us one step closer to this reality.

What we’re launching

Until very recently the proposal process was analog. Our team handled each request individually. No more! Team Proposals are now built into the platform — allowing you to review and move forward with multiple builders in two or three clicks. Team Proposals 2.0 now feature:

  • Best Team Match™:  Recommendations of team members powered by A.Team’s TeamGraph, and optimized by your Team Formation Specialist to show you the best team for your mission
  • Faster time-to-build: Automated Team Proposal workflows helping you spend less time on onboarding logistics, and get your team to work in a matter of days
  • One-click interview requests: Select multiple builders at once and initiate the interview process straight from the platform 

How it works

Step 1: Your Team Proposal is ready! Meet your team.

Once your proposal is ready, you’ll get an email and in-app notification to let you know it’s time to review your team. Click on the “Review proposal” button to open your proposal and see the recommended team for your mission.

Step 2: Select which builders you’d like to interview

When you’re ready to choose your team members, click on the “Choose your team” button. Here you'll see that we’ve automatically pre-selected builders that are the Best Match™ based on the TeamGraph. Continue with these builders or select the builders you’d like to schedule an interview with and click “Select for interview.”

Step 3: Leave optional feedback, and submit!

Leave feedback on the builders you decided not to move forward, and hit the “Submit” button.

Ready to try it out?

You can try out the new Team Proposal experience by building a new team or by adding new members to an existing one. 

And if you’re not yet a Company Member, request access to A.Team’s members-only network.

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