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Showcase your most exciting work with A.Team’s updated project cards

Land more missions with our updated project cards. Showcase images and the most relevant details of your experience.

After forming almost 400 teams in the last two years, we’ve learned a lot about what companies are looking for when building a team for their mission. Here’s what we learned they care about the most: (1) How you contributed to a project; (2) What skills/tech stack you leveraged; and (3) Seeing photos or screens of what you built.

With that in mind, we revamped project cards — to help connect builders to missions that matter to them. With this new update, you can better communicate your prior experience, so companies can quickly understand what you’ve built — and why you’re a fit for their mission.

Ready to level up your profile?

Because A.Team is all about missions, the way you display your work should also feel mission-based. The most successful builders on our platform don’t use their project cards to list their former employers. Instead, they use them to curate the most exciting product initiatives they’ve worked on. That means if, for example, you worked at Amazon and you shipped two products from 0-1, you could make a separate project card for each one. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Head to your A.Team profile

To get started, open your A.Team profile and head to your profile page to start making updates.

Step 2: Add a project or edit an existing one

To create a new project card, head to your profile and click ‘Add Project’. To edit an existing project card, click ‘Edit Project’.

Step 3: Fill in all of the relevant work experience details

Add your role, company name, URL, industry, dates, skills, collaborators (and their roles), and images.

Looking ahead to a team-driven network

Project cards are one of the early steps we’re taking to build our team-driven network. When you add teammates to your project cards, it helps our platform understand better who works well with who, on what. It’s just one of the many data points that we will leverage to empower builders on our network to team up with people they like on work they care about.

Ready to level up your profile? Update your project cards.

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