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How Plato Systems Brought Spatial Intelligence to Manufacturing with a World-Class A.Team

Using multi-dimensional data from IoT systems, Plato Systems supercharged efficiency in industrial manufacturing.

The management tools for overseeing factory floors are antiquated and overdue to be disrupted by advancements in spatial intelligence. Enter Plato Systems. They use multi-dimensional data from Internet of Things (IoT) systems to bring efficiency and safety standards into the 21st Century.

In the last few decades, manufacturing facilities have invested heavily in the digitization and instrumentation of their manufacturing processes. But a comprehensive connection between machine data and human activities has remained elusive. Plato Systems introduces its AI-powered Spatial Intelligence Technology, a novel solution that allows operations managers to harmonize machine and human activity data, offering valuable insights for their operations teams along with streamlined root causing tools that facilitate rapid efficient review of problematic operations.

The Challenge: Bringing cutting-edge IoT tech into factories

In a vast manufacturing plant, the top priority of the operations team is to ensure highest production efficiency in order to maximize production and minimize costs. That would be easy if there were just a couple of machines and operators. But in reality the manufacturing floor is crawling with hazardous and delicate machinery, plus people, across multiple shifts every day.

Aria Pezeshk, co-founder and head of engineering at Plato Systems, wanted to solve that problem by building a highly accurate comprehensive platform to digitize operations data, and AI-generated insights and summarization tools that surface only the most important events in order to empower the operations teams with an objective scaleable insight and root-causing tool.

Traditional usage of machine data alone entails little more than having a business intelligence dashboard that reports aggregate metrics. Clearly this falls short of what the operations teams need, namely, comprehensive digitization of operator activity data and observability into both machine and operator operations. 

Plato Systems aimed to address these challenges by developing a platform capable of ingesting and processing multi-dimensional data from its proprietary sensor system that can accurately detect and localize activity in a scene. Operations teams at large manufacturing plants can now efficiently review metrics and specific contextualized events, thereby enhancing productivity using objective measures.

The A.Team Solution: A highly specialized team for a highly specialized platform

To bring this vision to life, Plato Systems collaborated with A.Team, building the ideal team to rapidly develop and deploy the necessary backend infrastructure, analytics platform, and user interface. 

“We have relied on A.Team for the ability to dynamically adjust both team size and expertise,” Pezeshk said. “That is always a challenging part: being able to get candidates pre-vetted, and then deployed on demand.”

"We have relied on A.Team for the ability to dynamically adjust both team size and expertise."

A.Team's agility and expertise in DevOps, data analytics, and UI design played a crucial role in helping Plato Systems build a platform that not only processes and stores vast amounts of sensor data but also delivers actionable insights through an intuitive, professional-looking dashboard.

Results: Transforming industrial operations with spatial intelligence

With the help of an expert A.Team, Plato Systems built a spatial intelligence platform that significantly improves operational efficiency and safety within industrial environments. By providing accurate, real-time data on object localization and movement, Plato Systems enables large industrial players to monitor both human and machine operations,  optimize machine utilization, and swiftly troubleshoot issues. 

This innovative approach has already yielded impressive outcomes, including 20+% productivity improvements for several billion-dollar revenue companies within months of deployment.

Buoyed by the success of their initial deployments, Plato Systems is now poised for its Series B funding round, aiming to expand its customer base and further refine its platform for scalable, repeatable deployment.

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