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How to Pitch MISSION—Our New Publication About the Future of Work

We’re looking for substantive storytelling with original reporting and provocative thought leadership.

MISSION is a future-of-work publication for builders who want to ditch the status quo and lead the next generation of products, teams, and companies.

We're looking for contributors to share actionable advice, bold ideas, and compelling stories, backed by original reporting and data.

You'll get paid well and your work will appear before a high-value audience of tech leaders.

Mission is a new publication backed by A.Team.

A.Team was started by a group of product builders who set out to reimagine how work is done, and wanted to create a home for other builders to team up and work on things that matter to them. 

MISSION has a similar goal. We’re a future-of-work publication for builders who want to ditch the status quo and lead the next generation of products, teams, and companies. The world of work is changing rapidly, and we want to reimagine what work can be for the better. How do we lead happier teams, build better products, design more effective companies, and craft careers that are truly fulfilling? That’s what we’re here to find out.

And we need your help.

We're looking for contributors to share actionable advice, bold ideas, and compelling stories, backed by original reporting, and data. We want unique and compelling voices—builders with deep expertise and bold ideas. And we’re always looking to cover the research on the future of work.

Generic how-to posts that you can find 10,000 other places on the internet aren't of interest, but if you have something new to say, this may be the right place for you. And we pay well.

These are the kind of stories we're greenlighting

Stories on MISSION call into a few key pillars:

Teamwork & Leadership

We experience work in two primary ways: through the teams we work with and the people we work with. Changing work for the better starts here.

Leading effective teams has never been trickier, as we've moved to remote and hybrid environments over the past few years. Yet, the tenants of great teamwork and leadership are often enduring. We're looking for actionable advice and insights on leading teams in today's work environment—backed by real-life experience and the latest science and research on leadership, management, and teamwork.

Stories that are a fit include:

  • Unique and interesting analysis of the latest research on the science of leadership and teamwork
  • Actionable advice on remote and hybrid team management, backed by specific examples from forward-thinking companies
  • Profiles of companies that have taken bold approaches to how they lead and manage teams, with key takeaways for founders and team leaders

Example: The One Soft Skill Leaders Need Most During a Downturn

Example: How a Wild 1950s Experiment Unlocked the Key to Teamwork and Trust

Example: How a Shared Mission Turned Chief Into a Unicorn

Hybrid Future

Tech leaders have a burning question on their mind: What comes next? What will the company of the future look like? How do I attract the best talent, stay ahead and build something that endures? How do I satiate this burning sense of FoMo in my head?

Stories that are a fit here include:

  • Profiles of companies that are taking bold and unique approaches to building the company of the future
  • Analysis on how the world of work is changing, and what that means for tech founders and execs
  • Bold, original theses on how the world of work is going to change over the next decade, backed by reporting and data
  • Actionable advice for founders and team leaders on how to build stronger companies, products, and teams

Example: 5 Traits of the Company of the Future, According to Waze's Legendary CEO

Example: What Startups Can Learn From Content Teams About Smarter Hiring

Example: The _____ Economy

The Builder Economy

The gig economy emerged with a lot of promise, but has largely been a commoditizing race to the bottom for most workers. But we're now seeing a new type of economy emerge—the builder economy. A wave of highly-skilled tech workers have been rejecting the traditional "one role, one path" career mentality to work on things that matter to them.

Stories that are a fit here in include:

  • Personal essays about your journey as a builder
  • Advice for building great products in new and innovative ways
  • Tips for optimizing your career as an independent builder
  • Interviews with the world's top product builders

Example: How to Launch Your Startup MVP With a Baby and No Job

Major bonus points: industry focus

For the rest of 2022, we're particularly interested in stories that focus on the following industries:

  • Fintech
  • Healthtech
  • Consumer tech

If you pitch a story that focuses on these industries in some way, the chances of your story getting greenlit will substantially increase.

Logistics: Pitching and payment

We pay a flat rate of $500-$1,000+ per story. You'll be paid through the A.Team platform straight away—no invoicing or waiting 30 days.

Send pitches to Benjy: Include a strong, catchy headline, a dek, and 1-3 paragraphs outlining the story, the research, the reporting, and demonstrating your lively, irreverent, yet deeply-informed writing style. Pad it out with relevant graphs, quotes, hyperlinks, etc. Please include links to 2-3 writing samples and a very quick bio about yourself.

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