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Harness the power of custom AI tools to mitigate risk and gain a competitive edge in today's AI-driven landscape.

OpenAI launched a ChatGPT app for Apple devices

Expert Builder: Why buy AI tools when you can build your own?

A.Team is hosting a Generative AI Salon in June, RSVP here:

Every week in AI news is crazier than the last.

The latest? OpenAI rolled out ChatGPT on mobile, and it shot straight to the 2nd spot of the most downloaded free apps on launch day. The future of artificial intelligence is here, and it's pocket-friendly.

Also: Italy invested a cool 30 million euros to prepare its workforce for an AI-led future. In a forward-thinking move, Italy is future-proofing to enhance the skills of those whose roles could be disrupted by the advance of automation and artificial intelligence.

Goldman Sachs made headlines with its AI-powered platform, a corporate social network aptly dubbed "LinkedIn on steroids". Louisa aims to connect colleagues within the same firm who may benefit from one another's expertise, capturing "billions of dollars" worth of potentially missed opportunities.

In product news, the Spacetop AR laptop is here. The company behind it, Sightful, which was founded by ex-executives from Magic Leap, combined AR glasses and a keyboard to create the world's first AR laptop—with help from A.Team builders. Users can benefit from a 100-inch virtual screen and a multi-windowed setup where they can browse through as many unclosed tabs as they please, wherever they please.


A.Team Gathers for Annual Summit. This Year? Sicily

A.Team's Global Summit in Sicily

This comes just as A.Team convened for an insightful and invigorating Summit in Sicily.

Last week, 80 A.Teamers swapped their desks for a week of boot-shaped magic in Italy. With company-wide sessions helmed by our CXOs – Angelique Bellmer Krembs, AJ Thomas, and Wagner Denuzzo – we dove headfirst into a company-wide hackathon and led cross-collaboration breakout sessions. The result? A thrilling blend of work and play that left us brimming with gratitude and gelato, and an unshakeable belief in our global team of innovators.


Don't Buy AI Products Off the Shelf—Build Your Own

Don't Buy AI Products Off the Shelf—Build Your Own

In a world swarming with AI applications, business leaders might often feel like kids in a candy store—bewildered and excited, yet not quite sure what to pick. So, how do you choose from Writer, Lavender, Jasper, ChatGPT+, and countless others? According to Elon Salfati, one of our esteemed A.Team builders, the answer may lie in the DIY.

This may seem like a herculean task, but with the right expertise, creating your own AI prototype can be as easy as a weekend undertaking, as shown at our recent Generative AI Hackathon. But why go custom? The benefits are manifold and especially lucrative for enterprises. With a custom AI tool, you get to unlock the vault of your own data, diving deep into insights and automating tasks that were once time-consuming or downright impossible.

Think of it as having a tailored suit as opposed to an off-the-rack one. Sure, the ready-made one is convenient, but a custom AI tool not only fits your operations like a glove but also gives you that distinctive edge in the marketplace. Everyone might be using the same AI product, but only you have your unique data to solve your specific challenges.

Luckily, building an AI tool is nothing like making a soufflé—you don't have to start from scratch. There's a veritable banquet of existing AI technologies and platforms at your disposal. You can leverage the ready-made ingredients—machine learning algorithms, natural language processing capabilities, predictive analytics—and whip up a unique tool that's designed to address your specific business challenges.

But we’ll let our experts take it from here.

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Sign Up for Our Generative AI Salon

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The Generative AI Salon isn't just about listening to experts—it's about immersing yourself in the world of AI and reshaping the future of your product roadmap. Engage with the brightest minds in data science and product leadership from top AI companies in thought-provoking discussions and collaborative brainstorming sessions.

Event: Generative AI Salon Hybrid Location: Union Square, NYC & Virtual

Date: June 15, 5:30-8PM ET (In-Person) & 6-7 PM (Virtual)

But here's the catch—limited spots are available to create an intimate atmosphere where innovative ideas can thrive.

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