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Weather Alert: Brace for an AI Heatwave 🥵

Not even the July 4th heatwaves can compare to the sizzling developments we've been cooking up in the world of AI this week.

Our upcoming webinar on prompt engineering is already sparking interest, with over 100 forward-thinking tech builders ready to dive in. The anticipation is sizzling, and we can't wait to welcome Daniel Balsam—the creator of the hit AI open-source framework, surv_ai and AI lead at Ripplematch—to fan the flames of this hot topic.

In the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing, we recently had the privilege of hosting an executive roundtable with May Habib, CEO and founder of Writer. The discussion was a hot pot of fresh ideas and promising advancements—and let's just say, the insights exchanged have fueled our collective drive to "write" the next chapter of AI's evolution.

Now, we're ready to set Tech Chicago Week ablaze! On July 13th, we're transforming the Windy City into a virtual playground of AI innovation. Prepare for an immersive journey into the future of AI, complete with cutting-edge AR/VR experiences and a unique AI fortune teller.

The grand finale? Our Enterprise AI hackathon finalists will ignite the Navy Pier Main Stage with live demos of their groundbreaking prototypes to an audience of over 5000!

Grab a cool drink and your sunhat, because the summer of AI is just starting to heat up.


Just How Productive Does Generative AI Make Us?

Using generative AI in just a few functions could drive most of the technology's impact across potential corporate use cases.

AI now has the potential to automate 60 to 70 percent of the work that takes up an employee's time. With its advanced natural language capabilities, generative AI will revolutionize the landscape of knowledge work.

A decade ago, McKinsey estimated that knowledge workers spent about 20% of their time, or one day each work week, searching for and gathering information.
For starters, generative AI can take on that 20% of tasks by rapidly “reading” vast libraries of corporate information stored in natural language.

Explore Our Gen AI Practice


Inflection AI Raises $1.3 Billion

Screen Shot 2023-07-06 at 3.57.01 PM

In the two months since the launch of their pioneering chatbot, Pi, our partners at Inflection AI have secured $1.3 billion in new funding.

With a valuation now standing at a blistering $4 billion, Inflection AI, led by Mustafa Suleyman, has attracted backing from industry titans such as Microsoft and Nvidia, as well as tech visionaries Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, and Eric Schmidt.

Inflection AI boasts the world’s premier AI hardware setup—a claim substantiated by the company's remarkable user engagement, swift feature deployment, and robust partnerships. But as Mustafa puts it, this is just the first spark of what’s to come.

Read Inflection's Story

How A.Team Helped McGraw Hill Build the TikTok for Textbooks

Screen Shot 2023-07-06 at 4.21.03 PM

Want to know how a 130-year-old publisher built the 'TikTok for studying'?
Step one: Ditch the traditional consulting route and break all the rules.
Last week, Raphael Ouzan, our very own founder & CEO, took the stage at Collision Conference in Toronto alongside Justin Singh, Chief Transformation & Strategy Officer at McGraw Hill.
Amidst a global gathering of innovators, they shared the story of the revolutionary studying app, Sharpen.
Watch the full recording of the panel to see how Sharpen is transforming edtech, by blending social media trends with trusted educational content to create a tool that resonates with the modern student's study habits.

Read the Full Story


Desmystifying AI in Healthcare

Is healthcare the next AI frontier?

In a recent article from Andreessen Horowitz, the call to action is clear: "Hey Tech, It’s Time To Build. In Healthcare."

The healthcare industry, representing one-fifth of the American economy, is ripe for disruption.

Despite being a complex and highly regulated industry, it presents an enormous opportunity for tech-driven innovation.

At its core, healthcare is a data, operations, and logistics problem—and a consumer experience and engagement problem—areas where the tech world excels.

We'll be hosting a panel in to explore these themes on July 27th at 11AM ET, with insights from Mida Pezeshkian, PhD, a leading AI expert; Ohad Zadok, a trailblazing healthtech CEO; and Ed Kopetsky, the former CIO of Stanford Children's Hospital.

We're inviting all tech enthusiasts, AI builders, and healthcare professionals to join us as we explore the transformative power of generative AI in healthcare.



The economy is wild rn. everyone i know is either getting laid off or in paris

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