Our new product wouldn't exist without them. Our A.Team deployed in 48 hours and designed/developed a new business line in 2 weeks. We're scaling our A.Team to build more.

— Jean Brownhill, Founder & CEO

Rapid Prototyping

A dashboard that helps developers find MWBE contractors

The CEO of Sweeten, a marketplace that connects homeowners to contractors for renovations, wanted to test the demand for a new line of business: developers who have won federal funding but are having difficulty meeting their quota for contracting 27% of their work to companies owned by women and minorities. The A.Team created a rapid prototype tool to break down their contract size into chunks to send out to MWBE in the form of a dashboard with analytics to break down and understand market level supply.

Team Members:


Product Manager


Product Designer

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

InVision Freehand, Figma, Marvel


Rapid prototyping, Marketplaces, Dashboards