The coolest thing we ever hear is that a lot of our drivers have changed their workflow based on Mudflap. Instead of picking the best price, they’re evaluating load A or load B based on where the Mudflap discounts are, optimizing load selection around Mudflap.

— Sanjay Desai, Co-Founder & CEO


Transforming the trucking industry with cutting-edge fintech

Mudflap, the #1 fuel app for truckers, aimed to extend its platform and build new solutions for its mobile and web applications. A.Team assembled a purpose-driven pod with expertise in advanced front-end technologies and growth marketing. The collaboration resulted in optimized cross-browser compatible landing pages, seamless integration with analytics tools, and delightful web interactions that elevated Mudflap's brand experience for their users.

Team Members:


Full-Stack Developer


Product Designer


Front-End Developer


Back-End Developer

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

PHP, Python


0 to 1, B2B2C mobile, web apps