We are building a digital database of all underground infrastructures and we are doing it fully remotely. Our data is more reliable, near real time, ready-to-use, consistently updated and sold at the fraction of the cost of sending a team to locate or dig on site.

— Itzik Malka, Co-Founder and CEO of 4M Analytics

Information System

Taking construction planning to the next level without breaking the bank

4M Analytics set out to change the way construction projects are planned, utilizing a comprehensive GIS mapping solution that is 100X faster and cheaper than existing options. However, they faced the challenge of rapidly scaling their technology and required a highly skilled team of developers. A.Team assembled a top-tier team of full-stack developers, enabling the startup to enhance its mapping solution and revolutionize the construction planning process. With A.Team's help, the company overcame obstacles and ultimately achieved their ambitious vision, paving the way for smarter and more efficient infrastructure development.

Team Members:


Product Manager


Full-Stack Developer


Software Engineer


Full-Stack Developer


Full-Stack Developer

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

React, Python, REST API, GraphQL, gRPC, PostgreSQL


Prototyping, Data Architecture, Mobile-First Design, Automated Testing