Our goal in SMRZ is to empower retail investors and give them tools and insights, which they otherwise would not have had.

— Mikhail Bayankin, expert AI builder

AI Hackathon

Real-time AI stock analysis for retail investors

SMRZ is designed to provide retail investors with concise and digestible takeaways from earnings calls, tailored to their financial expertise levels. The challenge was to help these investors stay updated on their portfolio's performance in an increasingly complex market. SMRZ created a solution that includes email notifications and a Twitter feed, offering users instant summaries of earnings calls and industry-wide insights by aggregating earnings call transcripts from a variety of publicly traded stocks. This straightforward approach empowers retail investors with unbiased, objective information, straight from company management, simplifying stock monitoring and decision-making.

Team Members:


Data Scientist


Product Designer





Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Azure, BigQuery, Dart, Python, React, Next.js, iOS, GPT


0 to 1, B2B, Web Apps, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Prototyping, AI/ML, Big Data, Data Modeling