Sellers of handmade goods should be able to get up and running with a turnkey virtual store with their phone, in a minute. Clued will enable these merchants to do that.

— Alex Wasserman, CEO and Founder


Building an MVP for a Etsy-style Web3 marketplace

Clued, a networked virtual store for unique merchants backed by Freestyle Capital, was looking to build their MVP rapidly. Founded by Alex, a repeat founder with a successful exit, Clued aimed to bring decentralization and environmental efforts in the e-commerce space, starting with vintage clothing sellers.

Facing a tight timeline, Clued turned to A.Team to assemble an all-star team of product builders. With a technical PM they planned and built Clued's MVP from the ground up, enabling them to move forward and empower merchants to create sustainable and decentralized marketplaces.

Team Members:


Software Architect


Product Manager

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Kotlin, TypeScript


0 to 1, B2B2C mobile, web apps