Product ManagerWe believe in a world where everybody can have access to tailored empathic financial wellness advice.

— Adrian Tineo, expert AI builder

AI Hackathon

Revolutionizing financial wellness with an empathic AI tool

Thrive, a pioneering personal finance tool, accurately gauges users' emotional responses to financial decisions. Aiming to blend tech with empathy, they sought a solution that could encapsulate human emotion in their system. Collaborating with A.Team, they utilized a hackathon format, pairing with Wagner Denuzzo, ex-VP at Prudential and A.Team CxO. Through this unique synergy, A.Team's expert AI builders created an innovative AI prototype that enriched Thrive's product, successfully integrating emotional insights into financial decision-making processes.

Team Members:


Product Manager


iOS + Data Engineer


Mobile Developer


Solutions Architect


Data Engineer

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Azure, BigQuery, C, C++, Dart, Python, React, Next.js, iOS, GPT


Deep Learning, Prototyping, AI/ML, Big Data, Algorithm Design, Systems Architecture, Data Modeling