Luxury ecommerce is poised for exponential growth. What we’re doing going forward is an ecosystem. We don’t believe it’s going to be all online, we don’t believe it's going to be all brick-and-mortar.

— Richard Baker, CEO of HBC


How reinvented luxury eCommerce, a renowned luxury eCommerce destination, faced the challenge of significantly underperforming website and mobile app performance relative to industry standards. To become the preeminent destination for luxury on a global scale, they sought A.Team's expertise. Leveraging a $500M investment from Insight and HBC, A.Team assembled a skilled team to optimize the front-end application code using React and Redux, rewriting entire pages and focusing on testability, automation, and rapid iteration. The result was a high-performing site and app, showcasing Saks' cultural stature and driving sales volume, while positively impacting millions of customers worldwide.

Team Members:


Software Engineer


Software Architect


Product Designer

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

React, Redux


eCommerce, Mobile Apps