Two A.Teams came together to help us fight fraud and spam to keep the platform safe and give users great experiences.

— Michael Hershfield, Founder and CEO


Building the first-ever Save Now, Pay Later fintech product

Accrue Savings Founder & CEO Michael Hirschfield had a vision: to launch a product that would serve as an antidote to predatory buy-now-pay-later products, allowing consumers to save up instead. But as a non-technical founder, he needed a product lead and team to bring his vision to life. A.Team brought on veteran CTO Ambrose Krapacs to help shape Hirschfield’s vision and build a world-class team. Within 6 months, Accrue Savings had gone to market with a game-changing product, signed up key retail partners, and raised $25M in funding.

Key Stat: $25M in funding within 6 months

Team Members:


Full-Stack Developer


Full-Stack Developer


QA Engineer


Full-Stack Developer

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Dev Ops, Node.js, Firebase


Open Source, Security, Developer Tools