We love the quality of the technical talent A.Team sourced and brought in to help us build great solutions. A.Team has been an outstanding partner to Neowork. We highly recommend A.Team.

— Jose Pinero, CEO of Neowork Studio

Rapid Prototyping

A platform to empower hybrid work structures

NeoWork, a company that co-creates Future of Work solutions with some of the largest companies in the world built an A.Team to incubate employee-facing products that rethink the way people learn, grow, and pivot in their career — plus access employee benefits. The A.Team prototyped, tested, and incubated a return-to-office/hybrid work solution featuring: An employee dashboard (lifetime value, career journey, learning opportunities), a cognitive employee wellbeing graph, a network analysis of team mindset, and an employee benefits marketplace.

Team Members:


Product Manager


Product Designer


Full Stack Developer


Data Scientist

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Javascript, React Native


Rapid Prototyping, HR Tech, SaaS, Figma