We win if we can make AI integrate into our society seamlessly. Without cruelty. Without inequity. Without hatred. But with love. With Creativity. Forging new experiences.

— Anushk Mittal, CEO of Circle Labs

Social ai platform

Solving scalability for a fast-growth AI platform

Circle Labs, an innovative generative AI start-up, aimed to create the world's largest AI NPC library driven by User Generated Content. As their platform's growth skyrocketed, the company faced challenges in addressing critical scalability issues – that’s where A.Team came in. Equipped with large autonomy, A.Team's experts built key features, designed system architecture, and addressed crucial bug fixes so Circle Labs could continue to thrive and scale effectively to reach new heights.

Team Members:


Software Architect


Full-Stack Developer


Full-Stack Developer

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Python, Node.js, Azure, React, iOS, MongoDB, GPT


AI/ML, Deep Learning, Data Modeling, API Integration