We believe in doing what is right for our patients and colleagues and take great pride in being a positive influence in the many communities we serve.

— Sam Hazen, CEO of HCA Healthcare


Optimizing nurse assignments through innovative prototyping

HCA, a premier operator of healthcare facilities in the US and the UK, was grappling with the challenge of managing nurse assignments. Inefficient and manual processes burdened their 186 hospitals with inconsistent workload distribution and lost time. A.Team assembled a skilled team of product builders and embarked on an idea accelerator project, using design thinking to create a functional prototype.

This innovative application streamlined the nurse assignment process, leveraging data to balance workload intensity, capacity, and unit capability, resulting in a more equitable distribution of assignments and significantly reduced manual processes. This solution not only enhanced the quality of care but also increased operational efficiency for HCA Healthcare.

Team Members:


Product Designer


Data Engineer


Front-End Developer


Product Manager

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Next.js, Typescript, React


UX/UI, Prototyping, Roadmapping