Our goal is to use improvisation to help people be better at … fill in the blank: Relationships, communications, public speaking, making each other feel good. We think this is a great tool to help people understand each other.

— Anthony Veneziale, co-founder FLS+

Mobile App

Transforming mental wellness with user-first design

FLS+ sought to enhance, expand, and optimize their Flowzone App to promote mental wellness through play and science-based techniques. A.Team assembled a product team of experts and recruited an Interaction Designer to elevate the app's user experience. By creating detailed user journeys, high-quality UI designs, and consistent branding, A.Team transformed the Flowzone App into a comprehensive digital solution that attracted major clients and revolutionized the mental fitness space.

Team Members:


Product Manager


Software Architect


Software Architect


UX Expert

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Figma, UX & UI, Roadmapping, Prototyping


B2C, Digital Tranformation