What drives us is understanding people with the aim of helping them live better lives. We go 0 to 1 by conducting research to figure out what people actually need and leading a collaborative design process

— Nik Laufer-Edel, expert AI builder

AI Hackathon

Unlocking the potential of complex HRM systems with AI

FindLink, an innovative natural text-based job post navigator, faced the challenge of efficiently identifying and connecting with employees in large enterprise companies. By assembling a skilled team of product builders, including developers, data scientists, and growth marketers, the challenge was tackled head-on. A.Team's expertise in natural language processing and OpenAI embedding transformed FindLink into a powerful tool that simplifies navigation and unlocks the potential of complex HRM systems in big companies.

Team Members:


Product Manager


Data Architect


Full-Stack Developer

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Azure, BigQuery, Dart, Python, React, Next.js, iOS, GPT


0 to 1, B2B, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Prototyping, AI/ML, Big Data, Data Modeling, NLP