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A.Team Honored on Fast Company’s List of World Changing Ideas

A.Team’s vision to bring the world’s best product builders together in teams earned recognition in multiple categories of Fast Company’s signature awards.

This week Fast Company named A.Team a finalist in three categories of the prestigious 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards.

A.Team has quickly established itself as a fractional talent platform for product builders—designers, developers, product managers, data scientists, and growth marketers. These domain experts come together to build products for Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups alike—from Lyft to PepsiCo. With $60M raised from investors like Insight Partners and Tiger Global and future-of-work pioneers like Adam Grant, A.Team has captured the attention of tech observers with rapid growth in recent years (over 7x in 2021 and 3x in 2022).

This recognition demonstrates one of the key principles at A.Team—that teams are the key to bringing world-changing ideas to life. 

"I've had the chance to be involved with many companies, as a founder, operator, and investor—while there are many good businesses to build, it's rare to have the opportunity to build something truly transformative," said Raphael Ouzan, A.Team's Co-Founder and CEO. "One of the things we're most grateful for is to have the opportunity to not just build a business or a company, but to establish a category-defining organization and team, driven to empower our core demographic: the people who build things for others."

A.Team has assembled a network of over 7,500 top engineers, product managers, designers, and data scientists who collaborate as agile, high-performing teams to tackle complex product initiatives. Through its unique approach to team building—which combines a proprietary AI technology with the expertise of its team formation specialists—A.Team is reshaping the future of work by providing companies with the ability to rapidly innovate and scale their businesses.

Our core demographic: the people who build things for others.

The “On the Rise” category honors projects from companies that have been in business for less than four years, selecting for companies where employees can make a difference from the outset. The “Small Business” category recognizes innovative startups with the potential to create significant impact. The “Workplace” category honors projects that improve our lives in the office, increase employees’ rights, or make work safer, smarter, or more meaningful. 

As a finalist in these categories, A.Team joins an exclusive group of companies recognized for their potential to create significant positive impact on the world. These companies are celebrated for their innovative approaches to solving pressing global challenges and for their commitment to sustainability, equity, and social good.

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