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A.Team Adds 18 Industry Luminaries to Its CxO Network

Fractional CxOs have exploded in popularity as companies look to infuse c-suite-level expertise.

This week, A.Team revealed 18 c-suite-level leaders joining their CxO Network—a group of visionary leaders shaping the future of distributed teams—and how transformative products are built—by working with A.Team's market-leading startups, growth stage, and enterprise companies.

This inaugural cohort of transformative leaders has already beat the “corporate video game.” Now they’re asking themselves, What's next? They don't want to replay the same old challenges again. They’re looking to get involved in the next transformative idea—like building the TikTok for textbooks with McGraw Hill.

The group includes industry luminaries such as AJ Thomas, Chaos Pilot and Head of Talent at X, Wagner Denuzzo, VP of Organizational Effectiveness at Prudential, and Meng Chee, former Chief Product Officer at Walmart.

The CxO Network is a small, selective group of world-class leaders helping drive innovation, develop breakthrough products, and reshape the future of work alongside the 400+ companies building with A.Team. Some members serve as strategic advisors, while others take a more hands-on role in bringing together an A.Team to tackle high-impact product initiatives.

The CxO Network is designed to challenge the idea that leadership at the top is meant to be a lonely endeavor.

The CxO Network is a new take on a fast-developing trend in tech. Fractional CxOs have exploded in popularity in the remote work age, as startups and enterprises alike look to infuse their growth initiatives with badly-needed c-suite-level expertise. Too often, though, the impact of fractional CxOs is limited to a Powerpoint deck that never gets acted on, but with A.Team, specialized teams of world-class builders can turn that vision into reality. 

“The CxO Network is designed to challenge the idea that leadership at the top is meant to be a lonely endeavor,” Jen Snow, the former CTO of AFWERX, the US Air Force Innovation Wing, who now serves as Managing Director of the network. “C-suites shouldn’t have to navigate massive shifts and dynamic change on their own. They can build trusted relationships with senior leaders outside of their organizations to support them when they need their expertise the most.”

The CxOs in the A.Team Network include:

  • Jessie Beegle, Chief Innovation Officer at LifePoint
  • David Bickerton, former VP Innovation at HP and Chief Information Officer at Micro Focus
  • Dr. John Boudreau, Professor Emeritus of Organizational Psychology at USC Marshall
  • Jenny Dearborn, former Chief Talent Officer and VP at SAP
  • Gabriela Ewachiw, Director of Innovation Operations at Amtrak
  • Anu George, Client Experience Digital Transformation Leader at AIG
  • Britta Hale, Security Researcher and member of the Board of Directors for the International Association of Cryptologic Research
  • Angelique Krembs, former VP Marketing at PepsiCo and Head of Brand at BlackRock
  • Lauren Lyons, former COO at Firefly Aerospace; former Lead Engineer at Blue Origin
  • Chris Manuel, former SVP at Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • Quintin McGrath, former Global Sr Managing Director at Deloitte
  • Rajan Mehndiratta, Executive Director of Data Transformation at JP Morgan Chase
  • Tim Pozar, Vice President at San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange

To learn more about this remarkable class of executives, head to

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