Film is an industry that everyone wants to work in because the end product is magic. But it’s also the only industry where workers both spend a ton of time waiting for other people to do their jobs and have to work inhumane overtime. We think it’s time to stop taking advantage of crews’ love of film and actually start making the job easier—so they can focus on being creative and get home in time for dinner. And we think technology is the key to that.

— Shane Snow, CEO of ShowRunner

Integrations Interface

Pioneering the future of film set management through seamless tech integration

Showrunner, an innovative company in the film and TV industry, aimed to revolutionize film sets by creating a smart home-like ecosystem connecting all devices and apps on the set. However, they faced the challenge of tackling various complex technical requirements. After acquiring a highly skilled team of specialists across multiple domains, ShowRunner built a seamless operating system and interface, enabling the startup to streamline set management and unlock new possibilities for filmmakers.

Team Members:


Back End Developer


Product Designer


Front End Developer

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Next.js, DMX Protocol, React, TypeScript


API Design, UI/UX Design, B2B, Data Modeling

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