We worked hard to meet the increased demand for digital products brought on by the pandemic. McGraw Hill continues to adapt to the changing times by delivering learning tools that are not only cutting-edge but also affordable and accessible.

— Simon Allen, CEO

Digital Transformation

A mobile-native application to digitally transform education

“Big three” educational publisher McGraw Hill needed the support to create a direct-to-student app that could serve users around the globe. After assembling an A.Team, McGraw Hill finally had the bandwidth to create its first ever mobile app, Sharpen, where students can access an extensive library of multimedia next-generation study resources to grow their skills and expand their educational horizons.

Team Members:


Product Manager


iOS Developer


Android Developer


QA Engineer

+5 Teams

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Swift, GraphQL & Apollo, TypeGraphQL, AWS


EdTech, CTO Level, D2C