With this alone, insurance companies can save a lot of money. They can offer services in several different languages and they can offer better response times.

— Nik Laufer-Edel, expert AI builder

AI Hackathon

An AI-enabled insurance claims agent

By utilizing advanced AI technology, empathetic communication, and analytics, JAY transforms customer satisfaction and uncovers new revenue streams. A.Team's expert AI builders and advisors crafted a flexible, adaptable solution that handles both text-based and speech-based conversations, creating a more human-like interaction for customers. JAY's innovative goal-oriented staging approach ensures accurate handling of claims while maintaining conversational abilities, revolutionizing the way the insurance industry manages claims and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Team Members:


Product Manager


Full-Stack Developer


Software Engineer


Deep Learning

Team Snapshot:

Tech Stack:

Python, Node.js, Azure, React, iOS, Ruby, GPT


0 to 1, AI/ML, B2B, Deep Learning