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How Accrue Savings Reinvented BNPL

A non-technical founder had the idea to build a new fintech product that would empower consumers to save up instead of taking on credit. Once he found an engineering team with banking technology expertise, what could stop him from revolutionizing eCommerce payments.

Mission snapshot

The Team

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Full-stack Developer

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Software Engineer

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QA Engineer

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Full-stack Developer

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The results




Boost in Conversion


Zero to One App development

The scope








Web App Development


the challenge

Building the first-ever Save Now, Pay Later fintech product

Sixty percent of Americans save up for big purchases. But until recently, the only option embedded into ecommerce checkout was BNPL, which is no better than taking on credit card debt. Accrue Savings aimed to revolutionize this shopping experience by offering brand-embedded online savings accounts to customers.

Their vision was to build a product that integrated seamlessly with large-scale retailers and provided delightful, user-oriented features. The challenge was to validate the viability of the product in just a few months. And they needed the highest level of expertise in financial technology to get it done.

Embedded merchant check-out

Savings account API

Compliance Solutions

Product Image

the solution

Zero to one with a nontechnical founder

Hershfield had the idea but he needed an engineering team to prototype the product and build an MVP from scratch. “A.Team is a key reason for why we’ve been able to get the momentum we’ve had,” Hirshfield said. “It allows us to scale our engineering at a pace that other companies find impossible. A.Team really is a competitive advantage for us.”

Banking tech experience

In order to tackle the compliance challenges inherent in a new fintech product, banking tech experience is a must.

Rapid deployment

Accrue needed talent right away to put tech into place before the Christmas code freeze in the retail industry. “A.Team knew what needed to get done and how to attract the talent that would allow me to do it at speed.”

Team integration

Making A.Team engineers a part of the core team was part of the strategy. “A.Team aligned along the way. This approach created unification. Everyone rowing in the same direction.”

“There are hundreds of ways that people are rewarded for buying on credit, but there has never been anything embedded in the retail experience that incentivizes people to save.”

Michael Hershfield - Founder & CEO @Accrue Savings

“The goal for the mission was to change the way people buy things. Within 4 or 5 months we were able to deliver an MVP. And now we have thousands of products that customers can save for.”

Otavio Costa - Full-Stack Developer

building the team

Powering up with an experienced banking tech team

The most important resource in an advanced economy is talent. But great talent is hard to find. Hirshfield came to A.Team to find a core engineering team with senior-level experience in banking technology. “I have to give A.Team a lot of credit,” Hershfield said. “When they built my initial team, and expanded my team to go to market, they made sure that there were people that understood the intricacies of launching a banking technology company.”

Meet the team

Front End Developer

Otavio C.






React Native


Full-stack Developer

Eldar C.



React Native


Machine Learning

Full-stack Developer

Saša Š.








building the product

Micropayments to chip away at the big purchases

With greater fintech engineering firepower at hand, Accrue took its product from initial concepts to a fully-functional, user-friendly platform that modernizes retail savings and transforms customer engagement. They did rapid prototyping and iteration, and took a customer-centric approach to design and development.

To validate the product, Accrue conducted extensive user testing, seeking feedback from potential customers and incorporating that feedback into their development process. Accrue Savings is now an embedded payment option for more than 35 major merchants—including brands like SmileDirectClub, Eterneva, and Casper.


Leveraging fractional teams to raise $30M

Using the product A.Team built from 0 to 1 in under 10 months, Accrue Savings was able to raise a $4.7M Seed in November of 2021, followed quickly by a $25M series A led by Tiger Global in January 2022—a rare velocity of fundraising for a tech startup.

In less than ten months they became a substantial business with multiple public and growth company partners. They also saw a 77% boost in conversion for merchants and reach a less than 1% abandon rate. Later that year the product won the Time Magazine Best Invention award.




Boost in Conversion


Zero to One App development


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